Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sadness...and Call The Midwife

Today, I'm in a funk.

It has been a depressing sort of day. It all started last night when I delved into a few episodes of Call The Midwife. Though I am not a Labor and Delivery nurse like Jenny Lee, I am an oncology nurse. The episode in which Nurse Lee is caring for Joe the older man with the diabetic ulcers on his legs had me literally sobbing. I think this show hits home to closely.  My sensitive spirit has a hard enough time coping with the many wonderful patients I have cared for over the last 17 months who have died.  I don't need to be watching it at home! As my dear Friend Lisa told me today, "you need to be watching comedies not emotional stuff!" So, Liz Lemon here I come!!

And then this happened.

I went outside to enjoy the warm weather and walked into a spiderweb. I threw up my hands in disgust but at the same time managed to throw my iPad through the railing of the second story deck I was on onto the brick patio below.  It is now officially dead. completely. The glass on the front could be pealed off in chunks. You can see inside it. 

I know in the grand scheme of things this is a minor blip.  It is an object. A thing. But it is an expensive thing I use everyday.  Multiple times a day. For hours at a time sometimes. But it can be replaced. Things can be replaced. 
This is just one more reminder that to me that life is short. Family and Friends cannot be replaced. My dad had an angiogram of his heart today.  It turned out to be ok. He doesn't need anything more than medication.  Last week, my soon to be sister-in-law, lost a young cousin.  He was only 6.  He had a brain aneurysm. I cannot even imagine what his parents are feeling right now.  His twin sister.  His family who will never again be able to hug and kiss him.  To watch him grow up and become whatever it was that he was to become. 

Love those in your life and tell them everyday. Don't take anything for granted.  Live life to the fullest.