Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sadness...and Call The Midwife

Today, I'm in a funk.

It has been a depressing sort of day. It all started last night when I delved into a few episodes of Call The Midwife. Though I am not a Labor and Delivery nurse like Jenny Lee, I am an oncology nurse. The episode in which Nurse Lee is caring for Joe the older man with the diabetic ulcers on his legs had me literally sobbing. I think this show hits home to closely.  My sensitive spirit has a hard enough time coping with the many wonderful patients I have cared for over the last 17 months who have died.  I don't need to be watching it at home! As my dear Friend Lisa told me today, "you need to be watching comedies not emotional stuff!" So, Liz Lemon here I come!!

And then this happened.

I went outside to enjoy the warm weather and walked into a spiderweb. I threw up my hands in disgust but at the same time managed to throw my iPad through the railing of the second story deck I was on onto the brick patio below.  It is now officially dead. completely. The glass on the front could be pealed off in chunks. You can see inside it. 

I know in the grand scheme of things this is a minor blip.  It is an object. A thing. But it is an expensive thing I use everyday.  Multiple times a day. For hours at a time sometimes. But it can be replaced. Things can be replaced. 
This is just one more reminder that to me that life is short. Family and Friends cannot be replaced. My dad had an angiogram of his heart today.  It turned out to be ok. He doesn't need anything more than medication.  Last week, my soon to be sister-in-law, lost a young cousin.  He was only 6.  He had a brain aneurysm. I cannot even imagine what his parents are feeling right now.  His twin sister.  His family who will never again be able to hug and kiss him.  To watch him grow up and become whatever it was that he was to become. 

Love those in your life and tell them everyday. Don't take anything for granted.  Live life to the fullest.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

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Happy Independence Day!

Today, Independence Day, is my favorite holiday of the entire year!! Fireworks, sunshine, BBQs with friends and family are just a few of the reasons I love this day! But also, I really love my country. I'm pretty much an all American kind of girl-like apple pie and baseball.

In honor of my fave holiday, I'm sporting a fun new outfit. This cute star sweater is from Old Navy and my sweet red pants are Me Made! I was inspired by a pair of similar pants made by Rochelle over at and are from a Butterick pattern #5895 designed by the lovely Gertie Hirsch from Gertie's  These ladies have two of my favorite vintage sewing blogs out there in the blogosphere! If you haven't checked them it!

Hope your Independence Day is a delight!!


Thursday, June 20, 2013

My new to me hutch!

Last week, I was perusing a local Goodwill when I came upon the most delightful hutch!! Of course it was an ugly 70's dark stain color but it had so much potential!! I have been looking for a hutch to store some of my dishes/utensils/kitchen appliances in my studio-esque style living situation. And here it was for the bargain price of $99!! (I had priced refinished ones at local vintage stores but they are several hundred dollars, a price I'm not willing to pay for something I can do myself.

So, I set out to make this ugly hutch beautiful! I searched painting furniture pins on Pinterest and found a few with good tips. Sanded the beast down a bit and put the layers (2) of primer on it. Then...I decided it would be great to try making homemade chalk paint from a Pinterest pin I found. Almost...epic...FAIL!! I could not for the life of me get the plaster of Paris to be completely smooth and it resulted in somewhat gritty/lumpy paint and a HUGE mess! Needless to say, I quickly switched back to normal paint and had to do an extra coat and sanding to get rid of some of the lumps.  I did some distressing to make it look worn with love.   Overall, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Is it perfect?? By NO means perfect...the last coat of polycrylic got some dust in it but over all it is fabulous! I moved it into my living area and put stuff in it right away! Can't wait to redo another piece!!

Below are before and after pictures...I did a pretty good job don't you think!?!

A bit obsessed...

Recently, I have gone on a bit of a spending spree. I recently purchased the new Colette pattern Hawthorn (such an adorable dress!) and because I would rather spend more money to not have to at for shipping I also purchased the Eclair and Peony patterns! I can't wait to get these patterns and then figure out the fabric I'm going to use to make them! (And when I'm going to find the time to sew them up!) and then of course my sewing ADD is sparked by Tasia of and Lauren of and so I had to buy the Bombshell swimsuit pattern from Closetcasefiles! Again...another pattern added to my queue!! And then there is the fabric I just bought from Gertie at Gertie's!And Rochelle at who just made one of Gertie's patterns for cropped pants from Butterrick! MY HEAD IS SPINNING!! I have a few days off at the beginning of July....maybe, just maybe I'll get a bunch of sewing done!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mad Men Dress Challenge

I love Mad Men. I am fascinated with the culture, lives, and marketing, but most of all the FASHION!
I admit I'm a little behind as only watch via Netflix but that's ok. I also am a huge fan of the lovely Julia Bobbin ( So when she proposed another Dress Challenge I was game!

A while back, I purchased several vintage dress patterns at a local monthly show, Valley Vintage Market ( Excited to try out one of these authentic patterns, i headed to my local JoAnn's (fashion fabric stores around my area are pretty much non-existent) for some goods! I ended up with some delightful eggplant colored cotton sateen, which was delightful to sew up!

My dress Pattern Simplicity 4185 and fabric!
The red muslin and finished dress!! I learned and used a lapped zipper and a blind hem on this dress! I love learning and adding to my sewing skills. and now for the official Joan Harris Mad Men Dress Challenge entry...
My inspiration...

and me!

and this one just because it looks a bit more Joan-esque sultry (though I am no sultry Joan, I'm sad to report).

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finished Sew for Victory

I did it! I joined in on a dress challenge (Sew for Victory created by the lovely Lucky Lucille) and finished the dress on time and well I'm pretty p-u-m-p'd about it! The finished dress is adorable and I can't wait for the weather to warm a bit (silly Western Washington doesn't get warm until like July!) to wear it!

Now...on to the next challenge! A Mad Men style dress for Julia Bobbin! I even have a legit vintage pattern I purchased from a local Vintage Market for $1! It's very Joan Harris! Keep posted for updates!