Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mad Men Dress Challenge

I love Mad Men. I am fascinated with the culture, lives, and marketing, but most of all the FASHION!
I admit I'm a little behind as only watch via Netflix but that's ok. I also am a huge fan of the lovely Julia Bobbin ( So when she proposed another Dress Challenge I was game!

A while back, I purchased several vintage dress patterns at a local monthly show, Valley Vintage Market ( Excited to try out one of these authentic patterns, i headed to my local JoAnn's (fashion fabric stores around my area are pretty much non-existent) for some goods! I ended up with some delightful eggplant colored cotton sateen, which was delightful to sew up!

My dress Pattern Simplicity 4185 and fabric!
The red muslin and finished dress!! I learned and used a lapped zipper and a blind hem on this dress! I love learning and adding to my sewing skills. and now for the official Joan Harris Mad Men Dress Challenge entry...
My inspiration...

and me!

and this one just because it looks a bit more Joan-esque sultry (though I am no sultry Joan, I'm sad to report).

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  1. That Joan dress is probably my favourite one and I've always wanted to make a copy cat of it, but i just KNOW many mods and adjs need to be made so I'm puttin git off.
    You have done a great job!!!!! Love it, looks fab on u :)