Thursday, June 20, 2013

My new to me hutch!

Last week, I was perusing a local Goodwill when I came upon the most delightful hutch!! Of course it was an ugly 70's dark stain color but it had so much potential!! I have been looking for a hutch to store some of my dishes/utensils/kitchen appliances in my studio-esque style living situation. And here it was for the bargain price of $99!! (I had priced refinished ones at local vintage stores but they are several hundred dollars, a price I'm not willing to pay for something I can do myself.

So, I set out to make this ugly hutch beautiful! I searched painting furniture pins on Pinterest and found a few with good tips. Sanded the beast down a bit and put the layers (2) of primer on it. Then...I decided it would be great to try making homemade chalk paint from a Pinterest pin I found. Almost...epic...FAIL!! I could not for the life of me get the plaster of Paris to be completely smooth and it resulted in somewhat gritty/lumpy paint and a HUGE mess! Needless to say, I quickly switched back to normal paint and had to do an extra coat and sanding to get rid of some of the lumps.  I did some distressing to make it look worn with love.   Overall, I'm very happy with the way it turned out. Is it perfect?? By NO means perfect...the last coat of polycrylic got some dust in it but over all it is fabulous! I moved it into my living area and put stuff in it right away! Can't wait to redo another piece!!

Below are before and after pictures...I did a pretty good job don't you think!?!

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